Investment Framework

  1. All individual members are inducted in their individual capacities and not as representatives of their organizations. Their membership fees may be paid directly by them or their investment company or any organisation they choose. However, members in this category would be able to make investments in ventures brought to the network only in their name (this of course includes jointly with family members or through wholly owned investment companies or Trusts). The fiduciary ownership of the investment will personally be that of the member (or family) and will not be on behalf of any other person or corporate body.
  2. Institutional members will be joining as representatives of an institution. In such a case, an investment made in ventures would need to be in the name of that institution. The membership fee for institutional members is higher than for individual members. Institutional members, just like individual members, would need to abide by the same governance rules set out in this framework document.
  3. New members may only be proposed by existing members or co-founders.
  4. With reference to investment opportunities that have been tabled at the Delhi Angels, the members agree that:
  5. If any member (institutional or individual) has any interest in a particular deal i.e. as an investor, director or in any other capacity he/she would need to disclose this to the Delhi Angels on that deal being tabled.
  6. If any network member, institutional or individual was already pursuing a deal before it came to the network, then he/ she would need to immediately notify the Delhi Angels and they will then be excluded from the process going forward for that particular deal.
  7. No network member (individual or institutional) would have parallel discussions with the entrepreneur outside of the process, which includes a restriction on a member entering into separate understanding with an investee company for any consideration.
  8. All members agree that details of any deal, entrepreneurs, etc. will be kept strictly confidential and will not be discussed or revealed outside the network.
  9. All members will sign the framework document in acceptance of the broad principles that will govern the functioning of Delhi Angels. Network members will also agree to adhere to a code of confidentiality regarding all opportunities tabled at the forum.
  10. A primary source of deal flow for Delhi Angels is through member referrals, and members are encouraged to refer deals that they find attractive to the network.