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LetReach is a tool you can use to send push notifications from your websites. The tool allows you to get started in just a few minutes with engage your users, even when they’re off-page.
Push notifications are clickable cards/messages that can be instantly sent to your subscribers even when their browser is closed.


Founded in November 2015, ServX is a multi-brand, multi-vehicle platform that provides a one-stop solution for car services and repairs across NCR. It covers every vehicle-related service including emergency pick-ups, doorstep repairs, regular maintenance, servicing, insurance, body shop modifications, cosmetics, etc.

Real Box

Delhi-based data analytics startup, Realbox was founded in March 2015 by Saurabh Moody, Preksha Kaparwan and Arjun Sudhanshu. The startup helps offline businesses generate more revenue by marketing to their existing consumer base and sending them personalized marketing deals. With data analytics and business intelligence they can get into focused customer targeting and track conversion to increase sales.


Founded in April 2015, Sponsifyme is an online platform, which enables brands to globally spend on events & experiential marketing opportunities to engage with potential customers directly.

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Powered by Delhi NCR`s biggest startup community Delhi Angels can things done for you in no time


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Delhi Angels is India’s leading & fastest growing angel investment and innovation platform. We invests $50K – $500K in early stage startups that has potential to create enduring value for over a long period of time.
Even though, we are structured as sector agnostic funds;
we prefer companies in


Artificial Intelligence

AD & Marketing Tech



Consumer Tech


Fin Tech

Our Angel Investors

Akshay Taneja


Sonali Thapar

(Thapar Group)

Parul Bhargava


Himanshu Bindal

(One Internet)

Rahul Sharma

(M.D. WAG Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd.)

“Delhi Angels operates at the same pace as startups. Other angel groups are notorious for taking up to 9 months to make a decision. Most investors acknowledge that fundraising is incredibly time consuming, yet few do anything about it...except for Delhi Angels. I hope that Delhi Angels will set a new standard for Angel groups and institutional investors by making the fundraising process more efficient so founders can focus on what really matters: running their business.”

VipulFounder LetReach

“Delhi Startups and Delhi Angels are a breath of fresh air to the Angel community in Delhi. I’ve never met anyone who offered advice so freely through all stages of development and fundraising. It’s clear that the organization is looking to make a big impact in the tech community. It is also extremely refreshing to work with an organization that understands the pain points of fundraising, and has taken those pain points into consideration when designing its seamless pitch process. Would highly recommend to all other entrepreneurs.”

AkanshFounder Servx [ YC Funded Company ]

Delhi Angels are fast, transparent, and a pleasure to work with. They understand the complexities faced by entrepreneurs and have developed an incredibly friendly, streamlined process for the applicants. I would highly recommend Delhi Angels to other startups.”

Saurabh MoodyFounder, Real Box